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    Solutions For Women Who Want Freedom Of Discharge And Other Sex Disease. As well as the Smart Way You Want For Your Intimate Organ narrows Can Feel Again " Like the Virgin " Return

Composition of  Natural Crystal X For Women is made of:

Whitish facts:

Natural minerals and betel leaf has a function antiseptic to kill germs, fungus, and bacteria that cause vaginal discharge, remove the dirt that sticks to the walls of the vagina, preventing the growth of viruses, cancer, eliminate odors and neutralize the pH.

Seaweed extracts to provide nourishment to the skin layer so that the vaginal epithelium becomes softer and more sensitive.
Oil viniel that serves to flex and tighten the vagina

Every time I made
 love with my husband at the beginning of my vagina penetration of thick white discharge. Not so thick even tend to dilute and sticky. It smelled really bad at all. My husband and I are very disturbed by the discharge.

I am a woman aged 28 years and been married and divorced three years ago. Around December I feel sore in the vaginal itch, itch was so I checked my own vagina, vagina turns like a cream covered in white, and I cleaned it with a cotton bud. And since then I wash my vagina more often than usual it with cleaning fluid each finished urinating.

 But how it turns worse, even my underwear are always wet, and suddenly out of similar green color slightly yellow cream. And since then I occasionally clean the vagina with a cotton swab to the inside. And it is precisely in the more cream cream green.

Crystal X is a health product that is specially formulated for adult women who have been married for maintaining the health of vital organs part of her femininity.

 Crystal X mixed from plants and organic material containing sulfur, Antiseptic, Oil Vinieill. These materials have been compacted so that it can be used to clean up into the female reproductive organs. So that it can provide greater benefits than just cleaning the exterior only.

Crystal X-shaped magical stick with natural recipes Daughter heritage palace which is very useful for:

  • Enabling and bend back the lining of the vagina
  • Narrowing of the vagina " as " re-virgin
  • Adding to " grip " the female organs
  • Adding to the sensitivity of vaginal stimulation
  • Helps eliminate odors in the vagina
  • Making the vagina becomes more fresh scent
  • Kill germs or harmful bacteria
  • Prevent and cure the vaginal discharge
  • Descaling or dirt on the lining of the vagina
  • Diselaput cure vaginal irritation
  • Prevent the occurrence of gynecological cancer

How to Use Natural Crystal X For Women: For a teenage girl / adult unmarried:

For married:

  • Moisten Cystal X with water, then insert it into the vagina as deep as 2.5 cm to 4 cm and rotate ± 10kali ( 10 sec)
  • Remove and wash with water, then wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Keep back in its storage box
  • Use regularly 1-2 times a day after bath ( for maintenance)
  • Recommended for 5 minutes before and after sex

Crystal X has a dimension of size:

  • Cystal X Soak in water 2-5 minutes
  • Pick up, wash, and wipe with a dry cloth Cystal X and smooth
  • Use your X Cystal soaking water to wash the vagina
  • Use regularly 1-2 times a day

Length of 6 cm in diameter and 1 cm. Practical, small and easy to store and use anytime and anywhere. With the Crystal X smooth surface is very comfortable and very safe to use.
Our products are safe in use for women who have been married for all ages of origin in accordance with the instructions that we recommend.


For most users of Natural Crystal X sometimes initial use will feel sore, is due to the process of adjusting the pH ( acidity) of the vagina. If you experience it, go ahead use Natural Crystal X.
1-2 days after the use of Natural Crystal X normally would discharge from Mrs. V. This indicates that it has started the process of cleaning the vagina. This is normal. For those with a lot of activity outside the home can use thin pads first.

Positive effects that occur after using Natural Crystal X For Women:

In the use of 1-7 days will be out dirt from the vagina and the shape of each person is different. This is evidence that the vaginal cavity was dirty and needed to be cleaned. Wear will certainly be kept clean.

Going out clear liquid which affects the itch, but this is simply because of the clear liquid containing the bacteria, keeps wear hives will disappear on its own.

The vagina will clean, odorless, tight and narrow. The effect will give you and your partner' s satisfaction.
Long-term use will not have a negative effect because Crystal-X is designed to prevent the disease and its use in the outer parts so it does not affect the internal organs.


Should not be used during menstruation or pregnancy
We sell Natural Crystal X For Women to all regions in Indonesia

The official price Crystal X ORIGINAL
Rp. 200,000 / Pcs
Info and reservations:
HP: 0856 0000 1071/0823 2892 3332

1. State the full name
2. State the full shipping address (if possible with CODE POS)
3. Mention how pcs Crystal-x
4. Mention Bank you will use to transfer (BCA, Mandiri, BNI and BRI)
Send to no HP: 0856 0000 1071/0823 2892 3332
 Type the booking format:

Crystal X # 1 # Andini Sulistya # Jl. K.H. Ahmad Dahlan, No.17A, RT05, RW03, Purwodadi village, Bantul, Yogyakarta # 081 234 567 890 # POS # BRI
Send to:
LAILA0856 0000 1071/0823 2892 3332

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